CampusImpact was founded in 2006 to address the needs of youths who are undergoing a transitional phase in their lives, and are beginning to define who they are.
Our work started with overseas community involvement projects to nurture social and civic responsibilities in the youths through experiential learning through service-learning community projects. As our focus shifted towards addressing local needs, programmes such as The Learning Curve, Study Buddy, and Evolve were subsequently added to impact youths in Singapore.
The young person stands at the centre of everything we do at CampusImpact. Thus, through working with schools, grassroots leaders, partner organisations, families in the community, as well as the youths themselves, we seek to provide each student who walks through our doors with the best possible chance at success.
Our goal is to help 500 students complete their secondary school education over the next 5 years.

CampusImpact is a charity with Institute of Public Character (IPC) status since 2014 and is a registered member of the National Council of Social Services (NCSS).


Helping young people from low-income and disadvantaged families acquire skills and values to become useful citizens for the community and serve as pillars of strength for the nations.


Preparing the new generation with a positive attitude, purposeful life and pioneering spirit.


Elysa Chen

Executive Director

Elysa is wildly passionate about children and youth. As a former reporter with Singapore Press Holdings, she has always cared about social and community issues, particularly those involving young people. Before joining CampusImpact, Elysa was a teacher in a local junior college and strongly believes in the power of education to help less-privileged students level the playing field. With her bubbly and outgoing personality, forming partnerships has been a forte for her, and she hopes to equip every student who comes into CampusImpact with the wings to help them fly by providing the best opportunities to them.

Vanessa Tang

Programme Executive

With her unique blend of discipline and compassion, Vanessa leads the children of CampusImpact with a firm but gentle hand. Vanessa, who holds a TESOL diploma, has an infectious passion for educating young people and is particularly skilled at improving the literacy levels of our students. As our programme executive in charge of Study Buddy and Learning Curve, her work involves long hours with children, youths and volunteers. Her background in communication studies has also come in handy in helping to manage CampusImpact’s social media and our relationships with various stakeholders.

Tang Woon Hoe


An accomplished dancer, youth worker and counsellor, Ms Tang meets the needs of each counselling client with patience, a gracious listening ear, and the wisdom that she has gleaned from over 20 years of counselling youths and families. On top of supervising and training our volunteer counsellors, Ms Tang is also an accredited dance and movement therapist who has been running dance therapy sessions for youths and their families with CampusImpact to provide alternative ways for parents and their children to communicate more effectively.

Yee Yuet Ngoh

Admin and Accounts Executive

Affectionately known as Auntie Yue’er in the centre, Yuet Ngoh is the backbone of CampusImpact. Not only does she attend to the myriad needs of the students coming into the office, one moment providing them with stationery supplies, and the next, bandaging up an injured finger, she is also the face of the centre, providing a warm, hospitable contact point for our students, parents and volunteers. Most of the time, Yuet Ngoh is huddled behind her computer, poring over the accounts of CampusImpact and preparing the administrative support for the centre to run smoothly.

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