COUNSELLING 青少年辅导 (Appointment required 必须预约)
Individualised face-to-face counselling for youths to
-   support them as they struggle and work through various challenges of being a young person today.
-   guide them in exploring career options through self-awareness and discovery.

-   面对成长中的各种挑战和困难.
-   通过自我认知与发现来探索职业选择.

Education Programme 中小学辅助班
Academic support and character development through small group tuition by trained volunteer-tutors
Download the Education Programme Registration Form 2017.

Class schedule:
  • Weekdays (Monday to Fridays) between 6pm to 9.30pm
  • 1 lesson per subject per week, 4 lessonsper subject per month
  • 1.5hrs per lesson
  • Subjects available: English, Maths, Chinese, Science

For more information on our programme, please call 64821324 or drop by our centre at Blk 151 Yishun St 11 #01-26 S(760151).
Local Holiday Programmes 假期活动
Meaningful outdoor activities which engage youths and build their character and life skills
Local Service Learning Projects 本地社区服务
  • Mentoring and Equipping youths to plan, execute and evaluate projects targeted at meeting the community needs.

  • 指导青少年如何计划,执行和评估能够满足社区需求的活动。
Talks and Workshops 讲座与课程
Equipping youths with practical tips and experiential learning experiences such as the use of the creative arts and dance to help them face the challenges of growing up

Some talks and workshops topics include:
  • Coping with stress
  • Preparing for Examinations
  • Coping with bullying
  • Handling peer pressure
  • Managing emotions
  • Preparing for Secondary One (for P6 students)
Parents Advisory Hotline (In Mandarin)
家长辅导热线 (以华语沟通)
Through the hotline, we aim to:
  • Resolve the tensions between parent and children.
  • Assist parents in dealing with rebellious children.
  • Bridge the generation gap to foster better relationship.
Counselling 家长咨询
Face-to-face counselling to help parents forge stronger bonds with their youths through mutual understanding
Parenting Talks & Workshops 亲子讲座与工作坊
Strengthening parent-child relationships by equipping parents with effective parenting skills and knowledge and incorporating dance and movement therapy as part of the learning experience

Parenting talks and workshops are regularly conducted both at the centre and in collaboration with other organisations such as Touch Community Services and in various schools in Singapore.

Some talks and workshops topics include:
  • Helping parents to nurture mature and independent youths
  • Helping parents to handle the weaknesses of their children
  • The power of a parent's word: How to communicate with youths
  • Helping parents to understand and speak their children's love languages
  • Love and Discipline: The parenting equation
Providing a light-hearted environment for family interaction and bonding throught fun and interactive activities
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